Edwardsburg Athletic Boosters Meeting Minutes

Edwardsburg Athletic Boosters August 2017 General Meeting Minutes Date, Time, and Location: Monday, August 7th, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the library

Minutes: The minutes of 6/05/17 meeting were read and accepted. Attendance: EAB Board, Kevin Dean, Sean Jesse, Ryan Markel

Treasurer’s Report given by Chris Hack  Treasurer’s report read and accepted. Report attached.

Committee Reports Brick Sales:  Heather Mitchell did not attend the meeting. Karen to follow up with her to see if she will be available in September to give a report, or can provide updated information for Karen to report.

Spirit Wear: given by Chelsea Wilson  Chelsea expressed frustration and disappointment with the board’s decision to limit the spirit wear purchasing budget. Had she realized additional funds would not be available, she would have made different purchasing decisions. Although the Board has approved an additional $2,000 of purchases, Chelsea will not be purchasing more inventory. Open Houses are coming up (HS & MS (5-7pm) & EL (4:30-6:30pm) on Monday, 8/28/17; EIS (4:30-6:30pm) on Tuesday, 8/29/17; & EPS (4:30-6:30pm) on Wednesday, 8/30/17. Teacher/Staff Pre-Sale was scheduled for Wed, 8/23/17 (10am- 6pm) in the HS Cafeteria. Spirit Wear will be sold at the US12 Garage Sale on Saturday, 8/12/17 (9am-3pm). Anita, Susie, Daun, & Karen volunteered to help. Chelsea will not be available to sell spirit wear at Open Houses or at Home Football Games, or make & sell hair bows & beads during Homecoming Week. The Board requested clarification of Chelsea’s availability and willingness to continue her leadership role with Spirit Wear.

Concessions: given by Chris Hack  Chris will be completing an inventory soon to determine what purchases are needed for the upcoming fall season.  Chris also shared financial information for the 2016-2017 school year. The profits earned for Booster Bash ($14,876), Coupon Books ($4,545), Chili Cook-Off ($1,951), and Flower Sales ($3,530) totaled approx $25,000. In addition, the club had earnings from 50/50 Raffle ($2,372), Brick Sales ($271), Cash Donations ($500), Concessions ($30,686), and Spirit Wear ($21,407). EAB total contribution to our Athletics for the year was approx $57,000.

Sign Up Genius: Angel Ackerson  Kevin confirmed that the Athletics Website has been updated with current fall sports schedules. Angel is working on updating Sign Up Genius for fall sports volunteers. Angel will have Chris review volunteer slots prior to publishing to see if any changes should be made from last year’s format. A suggestion was made to split some of the volunteer slots in half to encourage more help (requesting help for 1st half of game & 2nd half of game.) Kevin will e-mail updated parent contact list to Angel when available. 2 of 2

Other Discussion:  Chelsea stated that she is frustrated with the slow process for approving funding requests, citing the additional $600 cost of the wrestling mat purchase due to a delay in ordering. EAB discussed the need for full information and answers to questions to be provided so we can take a timely vote on requests.  Ryan Markel questioned why EAB did not follow Roberts Rules of Order during meetings. Angel clarified that the EAB Bylaws do not require that Roberts Rules of Order be followed- only that they “take priority, in the event of conflict”. Angel will forward a current copy of the Bylaws (registered with the State of Michigan) to Ryan and the rest of the Board.  Ryan also suggested that the Board take a vote on current requests at this meeting since a quorum was present. Karen called for a vote on the requests.

Athletic Director’s Report: given by Kevin Dean  Banners- Have been ordered, approx $6,300 cost (previously approved by EAB).  Volleyball- EAB voted and approved up to $7,200 for new HS VB net system.  Video Display- EAB voted and approved up to $7,000 for new video display. Ryan Markel reported that the HS would contribute the remaining $3,000.

Current/New Business  Varsity Football Parent Meeting- August 16th: Karen will not be available to attend & speak this year. No one has volunteered yet to speak in her absence.

 MS Soccer Parent Meeting- August 10th: Coach Jesse discussed the new club this is sponsored by Edwardsburg Sports Complex- it not a school organized team. There are 3 potential coaches right now. There will be 2 teams.

 Homecoming 2017- September 29th: EAB will probably receive a funding request of approx $600 for fireworks. Student Council will take over Homecoming Shirt orders. Payments will be made directly to the school. EAB voted to approve up to $150 to each class ($600 total) for a meal during float building. Karen will coordinate the meal for Seniors, Kelly for Juniors, Chris for Sophomores, & Anita for Freshmen.

 Booster Bash 2017: Discussed including a Car/Cash raffle with Booster Bash- or possibly instead of Booster Bash. A follow up meeting will be scheduled to discuss further & decide.

 Martin’s Coupon Books: Anita will chair the fall fundraiser again. She has already contacted Martin’s and will have the coupon books earlier this year to distribute.

Next meeting is 9/11/17 at 7 p.m. in the school library. Minutes compiled by Angel Ackerson, Secretary

Athletic Booster Meeting for 8/3/2015

Welcome and Introduction of Officers:  Karen Meyers, President, Chelsea Wilson, Vice President, Heather Mitchell, Vice President, Chris Hack, Treasurer, Melissa Andrina, Secretary.

Committee Reports: Apparel – Spirit Wear orders are in for Open Houses.  We need help for the Open Houses.  Homecoming is 9/25, so it is early this year.  We are working on posting order forms online at EPS for parents to order.

Concessions:  Our first game is 8/26, which is JV.  9/3 is the first Varsity game.

Sign-Up Genius will be functional for these games.  Be sure to sign up if you are able to volunteer for any of our sporting events.  Volunteers get free admission and

We will support a limited Concession for Varsity Soccer Games.

AD Report:  Kara would like an ice machine.  We are looking into providing that.

Booster Bash:  The Booster Bash is our main Fundraiser for Edwardsburg Athletics.  We are having it 10/24 at Four Lakes Country Club.  We need donations from local businesses.

Martins Coupon Books:  The Coupon Books will be our Fall Sport Fundraiser.  Each Athlete is asked to sell 4, $5.00 coupon Books.  Watch for the books to be sent home with your athlete the week after homecoming 9/28-10/4.  Awards will be given to the top sellers in the High school and Middle school.

Monthly Newsletter:  Watch for our Monthly Newsletter.

Next Meeting:  Please join us for our next meeting Wednesday, September 9th at 7 pm.  Hope to see you there!

Booster Notes for 9/9/2015

Welcome and Introduction of Officers:  Karen Meyers, President, Chelsea Wilson, Vice President, Heather Mitchell, Vice President, Chris Hack, Treasurer, Melissa Andrina, Secretary.

Reading of August Minutes

Treasurer’s Report for August.

Committee Reports: Apparel – Spirit Wear for open houses went well, we made about $13,000 in three days.  We have lots of inventory for Fall and are looking forward to cooler weather.  Kevin is going to find Jersey pricing so we could possibly do Football Jerseys and sell those.

Concessions: We need more Volunteers to man events.  Times have been adjusted.  We would like teams to help.  Kevin is going to get Melissa a list of emails so we can directly email parents.

AD Report:  Kara LOVES her ice machine.

  1. There is a cross country course at the Sport Complex, Kevin would like a Edwardsburg banner marking the course.
  2. Wolverine Conference has a traveling trophy. Kevin would like replicas made so we have the trophies won in our display case.
  3. The Athletic Wall of Fame needs a new board.
  4. Booster Bash:  Tickets are done and being sold.  Cost is $40/person.  We are selling 10 tables, cost of $320/table.  The reserved tables will be placed in various spots across the room.  The tables can be chosen on a first come first serve basis.  We will recognize those who reserve the tables.  Shannon L is putting together the baskets again. She needs any large containers or baskets, ribbon etc.

All donations are due 10/12.  We have created a Sign Up page to solicit online donations.

Fan appreciation:  Jackie Haney is leading this.  Various ideas include, traveling pep rally, glow in the dark wrist bands, Eddies glasses, metallic wigs, foam footballs and mini cowbells.  Boosters will pay for Homecoming give away and Jackie will solicit businesses for future give aways.

Martins Coupon Books:  Did not discuss.

Frozen Yogurt:  Boosters were approached by company wanting to sell frozen yogurt at our Basketball games.  They will give a portion of sales to us.  We are undecided.

Next Meeting:  Will be Monday, October 5 at 7 pm.